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Unlike many competitors, we offer investment, tax, and insurance solutions all in-house

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Patient, conservative and realistic solutions tailored to your needs

Your Best Interest

Independence with no allegiance to any particular investment instrument

John White & Company

Started in 1987, John White & Co. is a family owned business. We strive to maintain a high level of trust and commitment to our clients because we believe how the company behaves reflects our family’s personal integrity. We place high importance on treating every client as an individual requiring personal attention. We value the long term nature of our relationships with our clients and their families. Unlike other professionals and many other advisors, we are not in a transactional business where products or services are purchased and the relationship ends. Instead, we value ongoing conversations with clients over the months and years and delight in helping clients realize their goals.

Our Services

We interrelate both your investments and your personal tax situation. We provide the most effective, legal means of reducing current taxes, increasing investment opportunities, and ensuring a secure and protected future for you by discussing the following areas of expertise.

Investment Management

See through the day-to-day clutter of market movements with an objective and logical approach that can reduce uncertainty

Financial Planning

We are dedicated to showing you where you are, where you are going, if you are on course to achieving your goals, and what you will need when you get there.

Insurance Solutions

While often a cornerstone of sound financial planning, we provide insights on life insurance and Long-Term Care insurance options from a variety of companies

Personal Income Tax Service

As the tax laws continue to evolve, we stay current on all the recent changes to legally reduce your tax liability as low as possible

Benefits of Working With Us

Never have we been followers.  It is exciting to develop tailored strategies for our clients.  We refuse to bend to the dictates of a large firm.  We offer the following benefits:  

  • Every client is an individual
  • Provide the expertise and services you demand in a competitive world
  • Independence with no allegiance to any particular investment instrument
  • Knowledge and understanding of complex tax codes
  • Patient, conservative and realistic solutions